hello. i'm natalie, a rad teenager who loves a bit of trouble. not really, but i'd love to be like that. i'm 14 but i like to pretend i'm an adult. jamie campbell bower is my spirit animal.


Randy Grskovic


ok but before u unfollow me we gotta do a duet of ‘gotta go my own way’ sorry i dont make the rules 


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Happy 24th Birthday Emma Watson! (April 15)

welcome to my little village.
it’s heaven here.

Artist  UnknownBirdy    Title  UnknownSkinny Love    Album  UnknownBirdy (Deluxe Version)

“Sometimes I hear myself in interviews and I feel like I’m in that skit from Extras where one actor is taking the piss out of celebrities who are like, “I’m so normal! Look at me being really normal, doing all of this normal stuff!” You can take it to a point where it’s like, “Well, yeah, my life is kind of weird and I can’t pretend that I live exactly like everyone else,” because it’s an extraordinary set of circumstances to be under, so it’s kind of finding that middle ground. But yeah—sometimes I hear myself back and I’m like, “This just sounds like bullshit.”  — Emma Watson